Immigration Procedure Flow


Immigration Procedure Flow

I-140 – Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Nurses and CNAs Procedure Flow

Prevailing Wage Determination, 'PWD'(Employment Development Department, EDD)

• (Time frame: 2 – 3 months)

• PWD Issuance

• Note: Applicant’s “Supporting Documents as indicated on the Checklist ” is not needed at this stage

• USS issue “Payment Notice” to Applicant, 1st Installment Due

'I-140 application submission + PWD' to USCIS

• The I-140 application & PWD will be submitted together with Applicant’s “Supporting Documents as indicated on the Checklist” (including college diploma, transcript, birth certificate/family household register, etc.)

• (Time frame: 3 – 4 Weeks of preparation)

USCIS issue I-140 Receipt (Packet 1)

• Receipt #s

• With I-140 Receipt #, applicant may track his/her case on (US Immigration Website)

• Priority Date

• (Time frame: 2 – 3 weeks after I-140 submission)

• USS issue “Payment Notice” to Applicant, 2nd Installment Due

I-140 Approval (Packet 2)

• (Time frame: 1 month – 24 months); depending on the USCIS case worker’s processing time. In any case, it will not affect the “Priority Date” as indicated on the I-140 receipt.

National Visa Center (NVC) (Packet 3)

• Immigration Visa Application

• (Time frame: 1 month – 4 months)

Immigrant Visa Interview (Packet 4, Immigrant Visa Issuance)

• Conducted at Applicant’s native country (US Embassy)

• (Time frame: Approximately 12 – 30 months from the Applicant’s “I-140 receipt issuance and Priority Date”)

Arrival to US

• (Time Frame: 1 month after passing the Immigrant Visa Interview)

• Applicant’s Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) will be given in the US after arrival